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» Who is the developer and owner of Waterside?
» How do I visit the property?
» How do we get around on the property?
» Where do we get supplies when on the property?
» Are there schools in the area?
» Where can I find medical and dental facilities?
» Can I obtain title insurance?
» What are the prices of the parcels?
» Who will watch my home when I am not there?
» Do you have a map of the parcels available?
» Do all parcel owners have water access?
» May I bring pets to the property?
Q Who is the developer and owner of Waterside?

The developer and owner of Waterside is:
Waterside Limited, a Belize corporation


Having its principal office at:

15 "A" Street, Kings Park
Belize City, Belize


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Q How do I visit the property?
A If you are planning to visit the property in the near future, contact us prior to making your flight arrangements and we will assist you with arrangements from either your hotel in Belize or the Belize International Airport to our Waterside development.


Directions to Waterside From the Philip S.W. Goldson Belize International Airport are as follows with a map below:

  • As you exit the Airport make a left onto the Northern Highway and go straight (north) 5.2 miles to Burrell Boom Junction.

  • Make left at Burrell Boom Junction and proceed 3.2 miles and cross over Burrell Boom Bridge and make immediate right turn.

  • Proceed straight 1 mile and see Police Station on your left.

  • Continue .2 miles past Police Station to fork in road and stay to the right side (straight).

  • Continue straight 4.8 miles and cross over Sebastian Bridge (going over Mussel Creek... with great fishing here by the way).

  • Continue 1.1 miles and make right turn at sign to Flowers Bank.

  • Proceed 4.1 miles to the entrance of Waterside on left.

  • Continue .5 miles to the Community.

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Q How do we get around on the property?
A Car, golf car, bike and foot will be the modes of transportation to get around on the property.

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Q Where do we purchase supplies when living in Waterside?
A Supplies may be obtained at the nearby towns of Burrell Boom and Ladyville.

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Q Are there schools in the area?

The public and private school in the area are as follows:

Academy of Office Arts - 223-5448

Belize Elementary School - 223-5765

Belize Institute of Management - 223-3055

Belize Medical College - 223-5560

Calvary Temple School - 227-1676

Catholic Public Schools - 227-7040

Ebenezer Primary School - 224-4558

Excelsior High School - 227-3448

Holy Redeemer Middle School - 224-5389

Holy Redeemer Upper School - 224-5675

Lady Evangelical School - 205-2223

Muffles Junior College - 322-1016

Nazarene High School - 223-2248

Pilgrim Fellowship School - 225-6011

St Ignatius Middle School - 227-3750

St John Vianney R C School - 227-4844

St John's College - 223-3732

St John's Primary School - 227-3410

St Joseph School - 203-4623

St Mary's Primary School - 227-3352

Trinity Methodist School - 223-2096

Wesley College - 227-6302



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Q Where can I find medical and dental facilities?

Medical Care in Belize

There is a well staffed public operated hospital and several private hospitals in Belize City. The district towns also have private and government operated hospitals or clinics.


Please see the Belize Telemedia Limited Phone Directory for Physicians sorted by specialty of service and very serious medical problems are cared for in Belize City at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital 223-1548 or 223-1564

Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital

Belize City

223-1548 or 223-1564

Belize Diagnostic Center
Leslie Street
Belize City, BELIZE
TEL: + 501-224-5778

Belize Medical Associates
5791 St. Thomas Street, Kings Park
Belize City, BELIZE
TEL: + 501-223-0302, 0303, 0304



24 hour emergency services


Universal Health Center
Corner of Chancellor Ave. & Blue Marlin Ave.
Belize City, BELIZE
TEL: + 501-224-5537, 223-7870, 7873, 5865


La Loma Luz Hospital
Santa Elena
Cayo District, Belize
Tel: 501-804-2985/824-2087

primary care and 24 hour emergency services

Northern Medical Specialty Plaza
Orchid Street
Orange Walk Town
Orange Walk District
Tel: 501-302-3708
Fax: 501-322-2320

Belize Medical Arts and Ambulatory Surgi Center, Chancellor Avenue, Belize City 224-5537,8

Zuniga Harold Physical Therapy, 85 Amara Avenue, Belize City 227-1638

Integral Health Care Southside Health Center, Gibnut/Curassow Street, Belize City 227-6722

Myo'on Clinics Ltd, 40 Eve Street, Belize City, 224-5616 or 223-1537

Please also note that there are numerous medical facilities in Chetumal, Mexico.


The nearest facilities for dentists are:
Dr. Christopher Bennett - 223-0404

Family Dental Center - 322-0732

Dr. Jorge Habet - 227-5390

Dr. Leroy C. Heusner - 227-2583

Sinai Dental Center - 223-7376

Dr. Douglas Smith - 822-3795

The Family Dental Clinic - 224-5654

Dr. Wayne Usher - 227-4999

Osbert Usher Dental Clinic - 227-3415

Dr. Bertram Moldauer - 227-3576

Dr. Rosela E. Cuellar - 223-0570

Dr. Maria Gamero - 224-5616


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Q Can I obtain title insurance?
A Yes, title insurance is available through First American Title Insurance Company.

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Q What are the prices of the parcels?
A For parcel pricing, please visit the Master Development Plan or Price List sections of our website.

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Q Who will watch my home when I am not there?
A You can make arrangements for a property management company to assist in watching you home when you are away.

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Q Do you have a map of the parcels available?
A Yes, a map of the parcels available may be found in the Master Development Plan section of our website.

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Q Do all parcel owners have water access?
A Yes, all parcel owners in Waterside will have access to the water (the Belize River). There are easements throughout the community that allow interior parcel owners to access and enjoy the water. Waterfront parcel owners cannot restrict or prohibit residents access to or from the river. Also, Belize law provides a setback requirement from where the water breaks to the edge of the first tier of parcels of approximately 66 feet.

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Q May I bring pets to the property?
A Yes, domestic animals are permitted on your property.

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Disclaimer: Waterside Limited makes no warranty as to the quality of the goods or services or the reliability of the products or services listed above. We have made every attempt to keep the list up to date, but we will not be responsible for errors or omissions.


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