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Amazon is hardly the only company to use such a "fissured" labor model: Franchised, subcontracted or ostensible contract workers staff most McDonald's restaurants, have become the majority of Google parent Alphabet's workforce, are a linchpin of FedEx's business model and powered Uber's rise from startup to corporate giant and verb. DSPs can't issue press releases about their Amazon work without the company's permission. DSPs must handle any disputes with Amazon through individual arbitration hearings rather than class-action lawsuits and must require their drivers to do the same. If DSPs get sued, Amazon has a veto over legal settlements and the option to commandeer the companies' defense. Amazon is specifically indemnified from liability for death or injury. DSPs must make their employees sign non-disclosure agreements and are also obligated to safeguard Amazon's information. (The DSPs are required to keep the contract itself confidential too.)

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