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Belize Weather

» What is the weather report for the area?
» What is the climate in Belize?
» When does it rain the most in Belize?
Q What is the weather report for the area?

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Q What is the climate in Belize?
A The climate in Belize is subtropical, tempered by trade winds. The average annual rainfall is approximately 60 inches. The temperature in Belize ranges from 50੮ the mountains to 95੮ the western districts with a mean annual temperature of 79raditionally, November to January are the coolest months having an average of 75ay to September are the warmest months averaging 81r />  

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Q When does it rain the most in Belize?
A The rainy season is usually from June through October. The most pleasant months are December to May.


Map of annual rainfall in Belize


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